5 Tips for Ordering Custom Baseball Jerseys

Posted by CustomYo.com on 5th Jun 2020

5 Tips for Ordering Custom Baseball Jerseys

Baseball is played around the world, in CustomYo, we’ve got over 10 years experience sublimation printing customized baseball jerseys here in Guangzhou, China. And we supply the baseball jerseys to all over the world, as United States, Canada, Australia etc.

Choose Custom Baseball Jerseys that Match Your Team Style

Every baseball team has their own style! If you run a casual beer league, you might like our cool custom baseball shirts. For a professional team, we have some top-notch custom baseball game jerseys. We have smaller baseball shirts for junior baseball leagues and a ton of colours and sizes available in each style.

Choose the perfect baseball uniform style to customize and find colours that match your baseball team’s logo.

You can choose design from our website or send us your own design!

Here are the link of our baseball uniforms designs for your reference:https://customyo.com/custom-baseball-uniforms/

Add Your Team Logo to Every Custom Baseball Jersey

Does your baseball team have a great name and a sweet logo? If not, please contact our customer service at email jennifer@tobenumberone.com, or send messages, to our whastapp +86 13533059465.Our designer team will help you to make your own unique design!

Once your logo is ready, decide where you want to put it on the custom baseball jersey. Most baseball teams have their logo on the left chest of the jersey, but if you choose a buttonless baseball shirt your design can go across the whole chest.

It’s possible to print your team’s logo across the front of a baseball jersey with buttons down the front, reach out to our staff for this option.

At CustomYo, we’ve been sublimation printing logos onto baseball jerseys online for years! Our experienced staff will get your logo printed in full colour on the front of your custom baseball jersey. All colors are available, colorful logo can be done as well!

Customize Baseball Jerseys with Names and Numbers

Make a personalized baseball jersey for every player with their last name and player number on the back. Personalizing jerseys gives an extra boost to your whole team! You look great and players will be proud to wear their customized baseball uniform.

We recommend collecting player names and numbers in a spreadsheet along with every player’s jersey size.

Order Extra Custom Baseball Jerseys

Getting an extra couple of baseball jerseys sublimated printed is a great idea – if someone forgets their jersey or a new player joins the team, you just need to send us your new player names, numbers and size sheet to us. Because we save all the designs and your order files, that is easy to get same jersey for new player!

Sublimated printed baseball jerseys can also make great merchandise for your fans, friends and family. You can sell custom sublimated printed baseball uniforms to raise money for the team and raise team spirit at your next game.

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to email us at jennifer@tobenumberone.com, or Whatsapp us at +86 13533059465.

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