Custom Houston Rockets Concept edition jerseys With your team logo design

18/06/2019 Admin

Houston Rockets Classic red and white jerseys, fans limited edition

The Houston Rockets have not changed their team logo for more than a decade. Since the second year after Yao Ming came to the Rockets, the 2003-2004 season, the Rockets not only changed the red new jersey, but also the previous team logo. Replaced by the red "B" style of the team logo, this team logo has been accompanied by many fans of the Rockets for more than a decade.

But the latest official news is that the Rockets have decided to start their new team next season. Although it seems that there has not been much change with the previous team logo, this new team logo has changed from the previous big red to the current black and red color. The middle of the team logo is the most familiar uppercase English letters. R, while next to it is a black basketball as a decoration.

Prior to this, the red English words of the Rockets HOUSTON ROCKETS were replaced by white characters, and unlike the previous ones, the new team's English letters became tilted and seemed to have a more three-dimensional effect. In fact, since the beginning of this season, the Rockets have been wearing a black uniform in many games. As for the traditional white jerseys and red teams, it seems that they are not as much as black jerseys.

According to another latest news, the Rockets intend to release their next season's three new jerseys in the short-term draft, which is still black and red. Linked to the Rockets' new team logo, plus the Rockets' new jersey, I believe the Rockets' mindset to change next season has been exposed.



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